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कोशी प्रदेश, धनकुटा, नेपाल
Message from Director

Under federal governance, Health Directorate office of province 1 is currently highly oriented to eradicate, worldwide chronically spreading COVID-19 virus by vaccinating each and every citizen of this province. We have organized step-wise and age-wise vaccination program to district and Rural Municipality (PHC), under the rule and criteria announced by Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal.

Looking at people, various complication of receiving treatment in government and private health organization, our goal is to make hospital administrative paper work into electronically organized. This will increase the efficiency of receiving treatment faster with decrease in tedious paper work inside hospital. Collaborate with National Health Insurance Organization to provide its services in all government and private hospital available in this province. Aim to build well equipped, fully functional and quality treatment in government District hospital. Recruiting various field specialized doctors in all District Hospital and also aimed to recruit Physician and Gynecologist in all Rural Municipality Sub-Hospital in near future. Increase in quality with reduced cost of treatment in each health organization, especially in private health organization by doing routine invigilation.

We have been organizing different health related program and training to medical representative of District and RMC sub-hospital and further they will spread awareness program to all people. We also collaborate with INGO and NGO for providing different health related program, training and treatment.

Assist the Ministry of Health and Population in formulating health policies, strategies and standards, prepare profiles of health workers in the province, send timely demand form to the Public Service Commission for proper human resource management, and fill up vacancies on time through contract service. To provide necessary assistance in managing the manpower as well as to work for the management of the required manpower in the health institutions by conducting organization and management survey in the changed environment.

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